Whole Life Coaching


Whole Life Coaching

“What we do is not just about sport, it’s about life.” (Daniel Thomae, training4changeS Co-Founder)

Far more than just a game, sport creates an environment for learning important life skills & positive values. With intentionality, sport becomes an impetus for change on many levels. We don’t just coach sport we coach life. Whole Life Coaches intentionally utilize their position of influence to become positive role models and mentors, helping athletes understand their true identity as they realize their full potential on and off the field.

We believe in holistic development, meaning that all aspects of individuals and communities are interconnected, so that they can neither be effectively compartmentalized nor fully developed independently of each other. Our approach encompasses the physical, character, emotional, intellectual, social and environmental facets of life. In order to maximize impact, each of these facets must be developed conjunctively.

Holistic Approach