Strategic Support Team

ChadChad Jordan – Chad is the author of multiple books, as well as the founder Cornerstone International and Arrow Global Capital. He holds a master’s degree in international development from The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. He was a founding Board member of training4changeS. With a focus on business development and financial access, Chad has been a catalyst for sustainable change one five continents. Passionate about human potential and local capacity, Chad believes cycles of dependency and paternalism can be broken.  He believes the end of poverty will be found at the intersection of business opportunity and social responsibility. Chad continues to help training4changeS work towards sustainability.


DrewDrew Harding – Growing up in a rural village of Ethiopia Drew learned the importance of faith, compassion and service from a family dedicated to holistic development. The privilege of seeing lives changed through his father’s water projects left an indelible impression on him, and eventually inspired him to launch Senai Global – an organization totally dedicated to “connecting people to purpose.” Drew has a degree in International Human Relations from Wheaton College, and speaks multiple languages including French and Amharic. He has vast experience in both corporate and non-profit sectors, which he integrates into a unique social enterprise model. Drew advises our Management Team on a range of topics.


LizelleLizelle Moses – A dedicated public servant and dynamic community organizer, Lizelle is well known for her work as a Traffic Officer with the Stellenbosch Municipality. Alongside her responsibilities in law enforcement, she works tirelessly to create a brighter future for school children across Stellenbosch. She inspires collaboration at every opportunity, and can frequently be found running fun educational events for young people. Over the years Lizelle has provided crucial support to training4changeS including encouraging community buy-in and facilitating our partnership with the local government. We co-facilitate experiential learning actives designed to educate people about safety.


NoraNora Dooley – As the ‘Self-Directed Learning Coach and ASK for Choice Strategist’ for Coaches Across Continents (CAC), Nora has a truly distinctive approach to sport for social impact. After graduating from Columbia College in 2012 she spent a year volunteering in South Africa. Since 2013 she has been traveling the world with CAC, and facilitating On-Field trainings for community leaders. Nora’s contagious enthusiasm and joy she inspires others to identify their own problems, and find their own solutions. She is passionate about social justice, female empowerment, and bringing gender policies to life on the sports field. Nora is one of the greatest inspirations behind our sport for social impact efforts.


PinkiePinkie Yolisa – Pinkie is undoubtedly one of South Africa’s sharpest teachers. With years of primary school teaching to her name, and a wealth of experience coordinating extracurricular activities for learners, her renowned approach is an inspiration to all whose path she crosses. She is a strong proponent of female participation in sport, and has pioneered programs such as chess and gymnastics to increase opportunities for girls at Ikaya Primary School. Under her mentorship, young learners in Stellenbosch’s Kayamandi township are inspired take the path less traveled to lift themselves out of adversity. Pinkie is committed to helping us find an innovative blend of sport and education.


GodfreyGodfrey Magawo – One of the most dynamic young leaders you will ever encounter, Godfrey got involved in using sport for social impact while studying Criminology at University of the Free State. His vibrant personality and solid character are an inspiration to the children and youth he works with as a Project Manager at SCAS. Well known for his contributions at youth sports tournaments across South Africa, Godfrey is a real servant of the people. Sharing our heartbeat for mentoring and holistic relationship-based development, he has been an important partner with training4changeS on a number of leadership development initiatives. He continues to assist us in using sport to bridge socioeconomic divides.