In the USA, roughly 500 times more girls have the chance to play soccer than in South Africa. That means, for every team of 12 girls we assemble in South Africa, 6000 girls are getting to play in the USA. Not surprisingly, hardly any women have been equipped to coach soccer in South Africa. Consequently there are few positive female role models in South Africa soccer. Girls that want to play are forced into a male dominated world where they are often subjected to unthinkable abuse. Their passion for sport is often crushed and a chance to positively transform lives is missed. training4changeS is using futsal to positively impact a generation of South African girls, restoring hope and building a brighter future.

Our #againstALLodds campaign was born out of our commitment to increasing opportunities for female participation in sport, changing attitudes towards education and gender roles, developing skills for female leadership and problem solving, and increasing in knowledge of gender policies. training4changeS partners with Coaches Across Continents’ ASK for Choice initiative to help achieve these goals.ASKforChoice

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