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“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”


Relationship requires two or more people to work together.  Through sport, athletes learn how to use their unique abilities to work together toward a common goal.  Similarly, holistic community transformation requires the collaboration of many entities. training4changeS strives to work in partnership with others on every level.

training4changeS believes it is crucial for every individual on the journey towards holistic transformation to exist within the following relationship model:

Coach: A wise teacher who has more life experience and desires to pass it on; who guides, directs others and helps others implement proven principles and practices as well as avoid repeating mistakes. training4changes-values

Self: You can’t give away what you don’t have; it is crucial to pursue holistic growth on a daily basis. Your public impact on others is directly related to your private spiritual journey.

Teammate: Mutual mentoring and accountability happens among teammates. An ideal teammate is someone who is fully committed to helping you reach your full potential; someone who challenges, encourages and keeps you focused.

NxtGen: A future leader that demonstrates great potential. This is someone you intentionally invest in by both teaching and living out truth with, someone that you can train to put wisdom into practice.


“Integrity is not about being perfect, but about being transparent and authentic.”

Dan Britton

Having integrity means being honest and truthful. To live with integrity is to be the same person in all situations, having no gaps between your internal and external life. It is crucial to build all actions, decisions, thoughts and words on integrity. People with integrity draw others to themselves because they are trustworthy, dependable and honorable.


“Go to the People. Live among them; love them; learn from them. Start from where they are; work with them; build on what they have. But with the best leaders, when the task is accomplished, the work completed, the people all remark: ‘We have done it ourselves.’”


True leadership is humbly seeking and serving the needs of others before your own. A leader is inspired by the desire to see that others develop holistically and works in partnership with those around them to build a sense of community and ownership. A leader is influential. A good leader requires character, commitment, discipline and intentionality.



“Excellence is doing something at the very highest level it can be done using all your capabilities and everything God has given you.”

Tony Dungy

 Excellence means being intentional in striving and stretching to give your very best in all areas of life. Pursuing excellence requires sustained devotion, discipline and hard work. It means honoring commitments, valuing quality over quantity and going above and beyond at all times. Being excellent is not simply performing better than others; it is using every bit of your own potential.